About Kaaba Travels

Kaaba Travels is one of the largest & most eminent service agencies working in the area of HAJJ AND Umrah service with a proven track of dedication and professionalism. Our strength is hundreds of satisfied pilgrims who experienced our highest quality and services, and we are very proud to share this to all pilgrims.

Kaaba Travels is supervised by Professional Executives with long and rich experience of Umra Service. Our aim is to provide the most Professional Service to the pilgrims under the guidance of experienced scholars, catering all categories of affordability & luxuries, according to the budget of each family or group of pilgrims.

Pilgrims can visit historical places in Makkah and Madina led by experienced guides Our facilities range from Three Star to Five Star, depending upon the requirement. All in all our accommodation is located at close proximity, to Haram to ensure prompt and quick access to Public service points, Restaurants, Shopping centers etc.